Welcome to Pinon Ridge Observatory‚Äč

The living area incorporates a small kitchenette with dining table, a queen size sleeping area, room for a six foot sofa, and a half bath. The living area is highly insulated to prevent heat from rising up to the viewing level.  This has the added advantage of keeping the area cool in the summer and efficiently warm in the winter.  The heat source is a forced-air propane furnace, located in the storage area.  Double-hung windows and a ceiling fan provide cross ventilation.

The kitchenette has a small refrigerator and microwave, and adequate pantry storage.  The half bath has a toilet and large sink with a double-hung window for ventilation.  The hot water heater is located under the sink.  A cistern holds the domestic water.

The power and telephone are underground and internet is wireless.  Water from the roof is collected for landscaping purposes.  The engineered septic system will accommodate a three bedroom house. 


A photo gallery of the living area.  Click to enlarge.